Monday, November 06, 2006

Dust Jacket 'Blurbs' for "The Trick is to Keep Breathing"

All your blurbs for Galloway's first novel were wonderful -- and all superior to the monstrosity on the front cover of our edition (its back-cover blurbs in contrast are well up to the mark.).

1. Galloway’s novel The Trick is to Keep Breathing is not simply about one woman’s sickness – really live, breathe and feel depression.
- “I used to be so good all the time…” The Trick is to Keep Breathing follows a woman’s struggle to be “good” again in thef.) face of seemingly unending roadblocks.
- Janice Galloway’s protagonist is the quintessential “Little Girl Lost”
- Keep your head up, “like Jean Brodie” in order to avoid the crippling depression faced by Janice Galloway’s protagonist.

- Imagine listening to Leonard Cohen while watching a film by Quentin Tarentino, it combines the two by being a book that is brutal, and depressing, visceral and morose, while still managing to inspire a laugh or two.
3. This is an honest, clever and tangled internal reflection that catches the reader off guard – and reminds us of our own craziness.
4. Galloway grabs the reader and drags them into the depths of the mind, imprisoned with one woman as she attempts to make sense of herself in her world.
5. If you want to discover the edge of madness – then the trick is to keep reading.
6. “A deeply personal and humanizing journey into the darkest places of the mind.”
7. “Breathing” is…an ‘escapist’ journey into a fractured mind,...seductive, jarring, engaging, dislocating and memorable.
- The inner workings of a mind slowly slipping into utter darkness
- The tragedy of the mind working within a machine. Trapped in a world with no means of conformity and instead spiraling into the deep depths of loneliness.

9. “A strikingly vivid narrative on the deconstruction of the human mind and its associations with the external environment through sentiment”
10. In the midst of dislocation and pervading existentialism, memory shifting and escape from reality, Galloway’s heroine lingers in the border of reality and insanity, exposing how close we are to madness and how the touch and the loving company or human beings is the base of human existence.
- “Two thumbs up!”
- “Galloway’s novel is a humanizing portrait of a woman attempting to learn to swim in a sea of disconnected meanings.”
12. A disturbing raw realization of what it is to be human.
13. A descriptive piece of literature that explores the mind of a woman and who is slowly disintegrating into a world which she has no control over. A unique effort to analyze what goes on in the mind of a disturbed woman.
14. A disturbing insightful look into the mind of a lost and helpless woman.
15. Galloway’s novel is intense and evocative, it mesmerizes the reader with its startling real depiction.
16. A personalized journey through the fractured mind of a believed woman – Janice Galloway exquisitely captures the language of loss.
17. Halfway through this book I wanted to stop Breathing.
- The Trick is to Keep Breathing is one woman’s harrowing journey through depression.
- The Trick is to Keep Breathing represents one woman’s encounter with depression and deals with some of the twists and curveballs we all must face one day.
- The Trick is to Keep Breathing is a raw, emotionally bare novel – like an exposed nerve.
- A woman’s struggle for identity; truly a definitive book in Scottish feminism.
- POW! Super Book
20. A Postcard of the mind…
21. The slow determination of a mind and body that is steadily going downhill because of self-inflicted abuse…alcohol and lack of discipline in her life.
22. This is a novel about a woman who is trying to make sense of personal tragedy in a society that expects her to be a Miss Jean Brodie.

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