Saturday, November 25, 2006

Punk: Music

On Tuesday, I'll stay around after class for anyone who is interested in further discussion on the musical history of punk rock. I will fill in details on two bands -- one English, one American -- who fill in the gaps in lineage between The Beatles & The Sex Pistols (prizes for correctly identifying the two;) locate Iggy Pop and The Rolling Stones in the punk lineage; and talk about several other important contributors to Punk Rock. And I am, of course, prepared to give an aggressive and defiant defense of my iconolastic revelation that The Beatles were the first Punks. (I'm undefeated - so B.i.O.)

Correction: The link on the British side should have read "the missing link connecting The Beatles and then The Who to the Sex Pistols.
Update: the two bands are The Kingsmen and Slade. (Kingsmen keyboardist Don Gallucci produced Fun House for The Stooges, FYI.)

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