Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Individual Presentation Schedule

Remember to look at the specific criteria for this assignment, as published in the course syllabus.
September 19th: K.J. October 31st: W.L.

September 21st: K.M. November 2nd: J.P.
September 26th: T.S. November 7th: D.N.
September 28th: A.R. & N.B. November 9th: L.Mac.
October 3rd: D.H. November 14th: D.S. & S.F.
October 5th: B.W. November 16th: M.S. & K.M.
October 10th: J.F. November 21st: S.S. & R.B.
October 12th: D.H. & M.Ma. November 23rd: M.Mo.
October 17th: C.T. & S.Mc. November 28th: L.M.
October 19th: M.J. & J.R. November 30th:
October 24th: K.L. & M.W.
October 26th: D.S.

Topics Selected:
Edinburgh. Bagpipes. Highland Dancing. Scots influence on the Canadian Military. Scottish Geography. Caber toss. History of golf. Celtic mythology.


kmatkin said...

I was wondering my presenation could be about Scott influence on the Canadian Military?

nathan B said...

I'm planning on doing my presentation on ye olde caber toss. If this if this russels any feathers please let me know ASAP.

Dr. S.A. Ogden said...

No need to get the mists up your kilt -- go ahead, laddie!

Dave said...

I need to switch my opic to Whisky, if that's alright.

I won't be getting drunk before class or anything, although I may be conducting a knowledge-furthering field trip after.


mmorelli said...

I was wondering if I could do my presentation on Robert Burns? I've changed my focus from scottish bands to cool scottish poets.