Friday, September 15, 2006

Template for Cultural Studies Analysis

In the spirit of the sceptical positionality of contemporary Cultural Studies, here is an analysis of the précis to Martin Gardiner's essay-length version of his From Trocchi to Ttrainspotting: Scottish Cultural Theory Since 1960. The essay abstract is presented first, followed by a (re-)presentation of its elements -- this amounts to a template for the formula from which essays from a Cultural Studies approach are constructed. The copywrite symbol [©] is used to denote set ideational structures and conceptual givens.

"Perspective" is often considered to be among the world-defining possessions of an individual. In fact, the unique vantage point is a cornerstone of liberal subjectivity and a defining feature of the rights of the individual, especially in the case of consumer culture. In the following, Michael Gardiner maps the idea of "The Enlightenment" onto contemporary optical innovations, pointing out the ways in which the democratic value of the individual viewpoint is mediated through the common lens of vision technologies. The result is a high-stakes struggle over the perception of "reality" and, ultimately, the meaning of knowledge.

[Theorist] ©maps the ©idea of [broad traditional concept] onto contemporary [catchy cultural artifact-type], ©pointing out ©the ways in which the [social judgment expressed in terms of the value of subjectivity] is ©mediated through the [specific catchy cultural artifact]. The result is a ©high-stakes struggle over [statement of philosophical relativism] and, ultimately, [traditional element of academic study.]

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