Sunday, September 24, 2006

Film Interest? "Mrs. Brown"

I wonder if there's any interest in making a class event of Mrs. Brown: Dame Judy Dench as Queen Victoria & Billy Connolly as her Scots servant John Brown. There is no direct connection to course texts (we will be looking at Trainspotting in any event), but it is an absolutely delightful film; it has substantive critical elements on the mixed bilateral antagonism and respect between Scots & English; and gives an acclaimed sense of the Scottishness which we are striving after here.
But that's just my opinion! Add yours, anonymously if you prefer, to the comments below.


jocelyn said...

i think that watching the film would be a good idea, but only if we accompany it with a good discussion that people are willing to get into.

as it is, we will already be missing lectures due to the potential reading break and days devoted to group projects.

so let's watch it, but only if people see it as an addition to the syllabus and not as another day to procrastinate on reading our other course materials.

just my opinion...

Dr. S.A. Ogden said...

Dear Jocelyn: fair comment, although I can clarify that we won't lose class time over the Group project: we will simply use some seminar time two or three times as the term progresses (as usual!)