Monday, September 11, 2006

Scottish Studies Lecture

Dr. Leith Davis, Department of English and the SFU Centre for Scottish Studies, has organised two lectures sponsored by the St. Andrews and Caledonian Society.
Murray Pittock will be speaking on 'Scottish Identity: Historic and Contemporary' on Monday, Sept. 11 downtown at the Fletcher Challenge Theatre at 7 pm. It's free to the public, but people should call 604-291-5100 to reserve seats. A reception will follow. Dr. Pittock will also give a talk on Wednesday, 13 September in AQ 6229 at 12 noon: 'Fratriotism: Empire and its Limits in the Scottish and Irish Imagination, c. 1746-1837'.
Note that the hotlink above to the Centre for Scottish Studies lists Dr. Davis' publications in the field. You may find some of them useful and relevent as historical background to your choice of assignment topics.

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