Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Doubleness Debate

A quite useful debate, pro- and con-, in Tuesday's class about the presence of doubleness in Scottish Studies. I thought that there were strong cases made on both sides, and it was an excellent opportunity to air differences of opinion, for one, and to more clearly definine doubleness in contradistinction to, say, two-ness.

This being compleated, I have opportunity to state my position, which is that the matter is not whether doubleness is a feature of Scottish life and letters to a greater degree than in some other culture. Put another way, our attention is not to "Unique Scottishness Doubleness" as a fact; but rather to "The Assertion by Scottish Writers & Intellectuals of Unique Scottishness Doubleness" as a fact.

And more practically, of course, the claimed doubleness is an excellent heuristic for a scholarly introduction to Scottish Studies.

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