Friday, October 06, 2006

Tips on Reading the Deleuze Text

Gilles Deleuze, whose Empiricism and Subjectivity : an Essay on Hume's Theory of Human Nature is on course reserve as part of the background critical reading, is a continental (read, pâce Liz Lochhead "frenchified") literary theorist (his sometime attribution "philosopher" should, for our purposes, be read as an honourific, or an omnivorous generalisation.) How should monsieur Deleuze's essay be read?

For myself, I prefer to read literary theorists literarily (not, observe, literally) - that is, I expect delights. If the author fails to present these to me in a reasonable space, I then start to skim for nuggets. Should you happen not to find the writing of M. Deleuze to be deep, systematic, lucid & inviting, then simply ensure that you have the sense of the translator's Introduction, chapters one and six, and the conclusion.

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