Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Question on Individual Presentations

I am receiving some questions about the Individual Presentations, and I want to re-iterate to everyone that the full criteria are in the Course Syllabus.

When you are researching and designing your presentation, it is my recommendation that you read the syllabus closely and near the middle and just before the end and verify that each and every criterion is fully & properly met in your project.

For instance, one criterion states that the presentation must be "....related to the Scottish background." This, then, openly entails the foreground -- which is obviously the course texts -- and the canny presenter will build his or her presentation with this syllabus fact in mind.

Lastly, do rest assured that the assignment grading has accomodated the efforts of the early presenters who have first broken the hard ground (or some rude Scots equivalent phrasing.)

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