Sunday, October 29, 2006

Group Projects: Status

We'll have seminar time this week to work up an effective status report on your Group Project, but one shatteringly helpful idea hit me over the head on Friday.

It came about from two hilarious causes: one, the humour clip from Thursday's presentation; and two, my reading of the "Introduction" of my copy of "Trocchi to Trainspotting" -- skipped the first time around. I'll read this latter to you in class Tuesday & see if it breaks you up like it did me.

A similar arrangement of the Group Project is a very effective one for my Modern Japanese Literature in Translation course, & very enjoyable for the students. As I have mentioned, this is my first time teaching our current course, & so I am enjoying the learning very much (I very much loved reading the novels & background materials over the summer.)

So, it has now hit me with the full force of a caber tossed on my head:
the theme for your Group Project is .......

"Scotland Invented .... [fill in the blank]"

with the "blank" of course being your Group's choice of local Scots influence. Go wild, laddies & lassies.

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